May 7, 2023

Nintendo to LIVE Stream "Tears of the Kingdom" on May 11

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Nintendo to LIVE Stream "Tears of the Kingdom" on May 11

By Nick | May 7, 2023

Nintendo's live streaming event is scheduled to start on May 11 at 6.45pm PT / 9.45 ET (2.45am BST on May 12) and will showcase additional gameplay from the forthcoming sequel of Breath of the Wild.

"Treehouse: Live" serves as the nomenclature employed by Nintendo to denote their live gameplay demonstrations, distinct from the pre-recorded "Nintendo Directs." In these events, a representative from the "Treehouse" product development division of Nintendo of America conducts a live stream playthrough, showcasing the game in action.

Nintendo to LIVE Stream Tears of Kingdom on May 11

Watch the tears of Kingdom part 3 trailer here

As per a sequence of tweets posted on the official Nintendo of America account, it has been revealed that the upcoming stream shall comprise four distinct segments of Nintendo Treehouse: Live, all of which will showcase gameplay footage of Tears of the Kingdom.

The live stream is intended to culminate in the midnight launch of the game at Nintendo New York. However, according to Nintendo's communication, it appears that the Treehouse: Live segments will not consume the entire duration of 2 hours and 15 minutes.

After the conclusion of Nintendo Treehouse: Live, viewers are encouraged to continue watching for additional livestream content leading up to the launch of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom which is slated for release on May 12th on the Nintendo Switch platform.

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