February 25, 2023

Nintendo to Skip This Year's E3

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Nintendo to Skip This Year's E3

By Nick | February 25, 2023

Nintendo has officially announced that it will not be present at E3 this year. This follows previous reports that both Microsoft and Sony were rumored to be planning to skip this year's event as well, although Nintendo is the first to make it official.

Nintendo to Skip This Year's E3

Nintendo responded: "We view our participation in any event on a case-by-case basis and always examine various ways to engage with our fans (via Venture Beat). "We have decided not to participate in this year's E3 event since it didn't work with our preparations. But, we have always supported the ESA and E3 vigorously and will continue to do so."

Nintendo is the first to reveal that Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo won't attend E3 this year. However, as insider sources claimed, one could view today's announcement as a subtle admission that Nintendo did it because it did not have enough titles to show.

Even though Ubisoft has voiced uncertainty that it would even happen without the presence of the big three, they will be there. Most publishers received a statement from E3 organizer ReedPop last week stating that Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony are optional for the event.

We might be in for some really significant news if E3 does go place. A new Castlevania game and the long-rumored Metal Gear Solid 3 remake may both be revealed by Konami, who is apparently planning to attend. Fans eager for a new Driver game have heard that Ubisoft is reviving a "neglected" single-player franchise. Set your expectations realistically and take anything you hear with a huge grain of salt because we already know it won't be Rayman or the rumored Splinter Cell remake.

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