March 6, 2023

No Toilet Paper? Don't Worry, Nintendo Has You Covered

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No Toilet Paper? Don't Worry, Nintendo Has You Covered

By Nick | March 6, 2023

Nintendo’s latest game, “No Paper!”, brings a new level of hilarity to your video game console. This exciting and challenging game has you in the role of the savior of many bathrooms around the world as you must deliver a roll of toilet paper to someone who desperately needs it.

Your mission is not simple though as you'll have to dodge obstacles and cranky janitors to make sure the package safely arrives at its destination. The stakes are high in this iconic and funny game, complete your delivery or face dire consequences of delivering it too late. Who knows, one day it might be you that needs saving!

Get ready for an adventure like no other! Nintendo's latest game, "No Paper!", brings hilarious and exciting challenges to your gaming console.

In the simple action puzzle game, No Paper!, you play as a toilet roll and have to navigate a maze of challenges in order to get to the stage's exit and present yourself to a businessman who needs some paper. Instead of just utilizing the analog stick, the gimmick requires you to place a Joy-Con inside an actual toilet roll and utilize that to control the action.

Along with a toilet roll, you'll also need a length of cardboard, or something comparable, to roll the paper in order to control its onscreen equivalent. With the use of its motion sensors, the Joy-internal Con can determine its direction of travel when rolling, making left and right movement a surprisingly accurate control method.

In essence, Takuhiro Miyazawa, who we have never heard of before, looks to be the game's primary creator. However, we speculate that the game may be based on some horrible personal experience that he converted into a success by making a game out of it. Let's hope the game also comes with a bottle of hand sanitizer.

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