June 21, 2024

Noreya Launches with Pixel-Perfect Perils

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Noreya Launches with Pixel-Perfect Perils

By Rafie Rhee | June 21, 2024
Noreya: The Gold Project - Choose between Corrupting Gold and Purifying Light, explore intricate pixel art worlds, and face epic bosses.

Dreamirl Game Studio, a French indie developer, in collaboration with publisher PixelHeart, has unveiled their latest creation, Noreya: The Gold Project, now available on Steam. This metroidvania-style game is priced at 27.99 EUR/USD, with a 15% launch week discount. Console versions are planned for future release.

Noreya: The Gold Project immerses players in a high-octane metroidvania experience, pitting them against divine forces. Players must choose between the corrupting influence of Gold and the purifying power of Light to achieve their objectives. This decision-making mechanic significantly impacts gameplay, altering available paths and abilities.

The game's narrative revolves around Kali, a warrior who lost everything to the gods. She ventures to Lemia, a city now under the control of Salluste, the God of Avarice, who has imprisoned the Goddess of Light. Players explore the City of Gold and its cathedral, battling creatures of shadow and gold while aligning with their chosen deity or facing the consequences of defying them all.

Noreya: The Gold Project boasts several key features:

  1. Intricate pixel art design
  2. Dual persistent worlds evolving based on player allegiance
  3. Extensive skill tree with 53 abilities
  4. 12 unique boss encounters with flexible order
  5. Over 25 distinct monsters with innovative gameplay mechanics
  6. Accessible yet challenging controls
  7. Smooth platforming with three difficulty levels
  8. Fast-paced, dynamic gameplay
  9. Precise, pixel-perfect combat
  10. Multiple endings
  11. Adaptive soundtrack by Sarys and Xavier Dang
  12. Optional lore discovery through in-game steles
  13. Non-linear world exploration

This release marks an exciting addition to the metroidvania genre, offering players a rich, choice-driven experience with stunning visuals and engaging gameplay.

Check out the game on Steam.

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