March 8, 2024

Embark on an Epic Journey in "Outcast - A New Beginning" – Pre-Order Now for Exclusive Discounts!

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Embark on an Epic Journey in "Outcast - A New Beginning" – Pre-Order Now for Exclusive Discounts!

By Rafie Rhee | March 8, 2024

In the latest scoop from THQ Nordic, they've rolled out a fresh, deep dive video for "Outcast - A New Beginning," the open-world action-adventure game that's about to take the gaming world by storm.

Mark your calendars for March 15, because that's when SteamPlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S owners can jump into this epic saga. In the newly released trailer, Game Director Pablo Coma invites you on an enthralling expedition across the stunning, interconnected realms of Adelpha. It's like being invited to a party where the world itself is your dance floor.

View the trailer HERE

Embark on an Epic Journey in "Outcast - A New Beginning" – Pre-Order Now for Exclusive Discounts!

Embark on Your Next Adventure

Taking on the role of Cutter Slade (and his rugged boots), you're tossed into a planet ripe for exploration. Imagine stepping out of a tutorial and into a world where "What now?" is your next big adventure. Here, every decision you make doesn't just ripple through your storyline; it sends waves across all of Adelpha. Fancy a sneak peek? Dive into the free demo of "Outcast - A New Beginning" available on SteamPlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, and start making those waves.

Exclusive Pre-Order Bonuses Await

For those who like to get their ducks (or aliens) in a row early, pre-orders are up and running with a sweet deal. Snag a 17% discount on Steam or a 15% saving grace on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S if you lock down your purchase before the March 15 launch. And for the collectors out there, brace yourselves for the "Outcast - A New Beginning: Adelpha Edition." Available on Amazon for PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X at a price tag that says $199.99, it's not just a game; it's a treasure trove. This Collector's Edition comes loaded with the game, a Sai statue that's so detailed it might just wink at you, an exclusive SteelBook, a 3-disk soundtrack to keep your ears happy, and a hardcover artbook that's so pretty you might need to sit down.

About "Outcast - A New Beginning"

If you've ever dreamt of befriending aliens while upgrading your arsenal (because who hasn't?), then Appeal Studios and THQ Nordic have got you covered. "Outcast - A New Beginning" lets you step into the combat boots of Cutter Slade, an ex-Navy SEAL with charisma to spare. It's up to you to win over the hearts of the local Talans, dive into guerrilla warfare (we're talking blowing up enemy ammo convoys), and strategically plan your next move in the fight for Talan freedom.

The Battle for Talan Freedom Begins

Ready to save the world? Or at least Adelpha? Set your reminders for March 15, 2024. The game is hitting PC at $59.99 and PlayStation®5 along with Xbox Series X|S at $69.99. For those hungry for more, visit the game's website, join the Discord chit-chat, and don't forget to add it to your Steam wishlist.

Remember, in Adelpha, every choice is like choosing between saving the world or pausing to pet an alien cat. Choose wisely.

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