March 24, 2023

Arcade Game, Pizza Possum, Available to Wishlist On Steam

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Arcade Game, Pizza Possum, Available to Wishlist On Steam

By Nick | March 24, 2023

Pizza Possum is a new top-down, arcade-style, sneaky action game coming later this year to PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. Independent developer Cosy Computing and publisher Raw Fury have teamed up with a wacky possum to get some pizza.

A new gameplay trailer used to announce the cooperation was shown at the Future Games Show Spring Showcase. Explore a painstakingly created 3D island landscape either by yourself or in local co-op while attempting to steal as much delectable food as you can to shove into your fluffy possum mouth.

Announcement Trailer:

Pizza Possum, a new sneaky arcade game where you stuff your face with delicious food, is unveiled by Cosy Computer and Raw Fury.

Play as an adorable, ravenous possum in a chaotic, arcade-style game as you strive to eat as much food as you can without being caught by the watchdog dogs out to put an end to your feast! At every step, dog patrols will attempt to stop you, but don't be concerned. Because your possum is so cunning, use bushes to elude patrols and continue the chase!

You'll earn points as you explore a vibrant array of scenic locales in pursuit of mouthwatering fare to appease your palate. These points may then be used to acquire special tools like smoke bombs, boxing gloves, and other aids for your journey.

Play on your alone or with a co-op animal buddy via local multiplayer and Steam Remote Play Together to enjoy the fast-paced, entertaining gameplay with simple controls, a lively atmosphere, and adorable sound effects.

Pizza Possum is available to wishlist now on Steam. For more information, visit, and follow @PizzaPossumGame on Twitter.

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