May 3, 2023

Meet Pongo17, Pong's Rebellious Teenage Son Who's Ready To Bounce to His Own Beat

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Meet Pongo17, Pong's Rebellious Teenage Son Who's Ready To Bounce to His Own Beat

By Joel | May 3, 2023

Pong occupies the biggest room in the biggest house in the biggest neighborhood of the entire gaming industry. Released by Atari in 1972, this classic arcade game is widely regarded as a cornerstone of the gaming world. With its commercial success and cultural impact, Pong is often credited with single-handedly launching the video game craze that continues to thrive today.

The original Pong was a simple game, consisting of two paddles and a ball that bounced back and forth across a black and white screen. The objective was to prevent the ball from passing your paddle and to try to make it pass your opponent's paddle similar to that of tennis. It was a two-player game, and the simplicity of its design made it accessible to anyone.

Gameplay Trailer

Meet Pongo17, Pong's Rebellious Teenage Son Who's Ready To Bounce to His Own Beat

Now, sit back and transport yourself to the year 2023 and witness the emergence of Pongo17, a captivating little Pong-inspired game developed by the ingenious mind of indie developer Spirit Warrior Studios. This indie creation promises to remain faithful to the classic game's look and feel, delivering lightning-fast arcade gameplay, breathtaking neon graphics, and a charming musical score that will keep players immersed for hours.

Despite its simple gameplay, Pongo17 is a game that should resonate with all Pong fans. The game retains the challenging and addictive gameplay that made the original Pong such a classic and players will need to be quick on their feet and have lightning-fast reflexes if they hope to emerge victorious.

One of the standout features of Pongo17 is its stunning neon graphics which features a vibrant, futuristic aesthetic design that is sure to catch the eye of players from any age group. From the glowing neon backdrops to the mesmerizing particle effects, Pongo17 is a visual feast that players won't soon forget.

But if you're worried that the game is just one-dimensional, fear not. After all, it's not just the graphics that make Pongo17 such a thrilling experience, either. For one, the game's soundtrack is equally adrenaline-pumping, featuring a pulsing electronic score that perfectly complements the visuals. Like the gameplay, the music will keep players energized and focused as they battle their way through various challenges.

In short, Pongo17 is a game that every Pong and arcade-style enthusiast can't miss out on. It's a shining example of how a timeless classic can be transformed for the modern era, infusing new life into a game with stunning graphics, an electrifying soundtrack, and revamped gameplay mechanics that maintain the essence of its predecessor.

You can check out the game on the Google Playstore.

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