March 1, 2023

MP Mech Game, Project MBR, Launches on Kickstarter March 7th

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MP Mech Game, Project MBR, Launches on Kickstarter March 7th

By Nick | March 1, 2023

The Grandia, GunGriffon, and Lunar series producer Yoichi Miyaji created SIEG Games Co., Ltd., and today he revealed that the next multiplayer mech-based action game Project MBR [working title] will launch a Kickstarter campaign on March 7.


The shooter, in development for PC via Steam and PlayStation 5, will let users command mechs from the cockpit as they work together in teams of five to complete the mission objective. Tank, flying, and turret forms will all be available for Mech operators to switch between as they move around a realistic universe roughly 30 years later. Since each state has its own advantages and weaknesses in battle, mastering each is essential for success.

For good balancing, loot boxes and other F2P elements won't be present in Project MBR. Instead, the game will only receive updates directly inspired by user feedback.

Project MBR, developed in Unreal Engine 5, features a score from Grandia series composer Noriyuki Iwadare and immerses players in a complex fighting system where shooting alone won't ensure success. Various stations, including radar facilities and fixed artillery sites, will cover the battlefield. The operators must devise a strategy to overpower defenses and remove each station to achieve their job. In addition, individuals can control drone partners and modify their behavior in response to changing circumstances. Also, SIEG Games is considering allowing players to customize their mechs with different weaponry, dramatically increasing the variety of fighting strategies they may use.

On March 7, be sure to check out Project MBR's Kickstarter page. The game is anticipated to debut for PlayStation 5 and PC in the spring of 2024. Please visit our official website and follow us on Twitter to be informed about the development of the game. Soon, a Discord channel will be established.


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