January 5, 2023

Sony Boss Confirms PS5 Shortage Over. But Units Are Still Hard to Find

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Sony Boss Confirms PS5 Shortage Over. But Units Are Still Hard to Find

By Nick | January 5, 2023

Sony announced that it has essentially ended the PlayStation 5 shortage. Jim Ryan, the company's gaming boss, announced on Wednesday that Sony has sold 30 million PS5's worldwide and declared December 2022 as the "biggest month ever" for the console's sales.

Sony Boss Confirms PS5 Shortage Over. But Still Hard to Find

Ryan, the President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, announced at Sony's 2023 Consumer Electronics Show that everyone who wants a PS5 should have an easier time finding one at retailers globally from now on.

Sony released the PS5 console in November 2020, but a semiconductor chip shortage and other supply chain issues caused by the global coronavirus pandemic made it difficult to obtain.

In the past, you had to be very lucky to get a PS5 in an on-the-spot release of a new supply, or pay significantly more than the console's MSRP. We deemed it "almost easy to buy" by August 2022. Ryan also announced at Sony's press conference that supply steadily improved toward the end of the year and that Sony had sold an additional 25 million units in November 2022.

Ryan expressed appreciation for the PlayStation community's support and patience as they navigated unprecedented demand and global challenges over the past two years. However, most BestBuy chains and GameStop stores have run out of PlayStation 5 consoles as of Thursday noon.

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