March 9, 2023

Official Documents from Sony Reveal the Secret Release Date of PlayStation 6

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Official Documents from Sony Reveal the Secret Release Date of PlayStation 6

By Nick | March 9, 2023

Sony has revealed documents indicating that it's PlayStation 6 will arrive sometime after 2027 in response to the UK regulators’ request for information regarding Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard. As previously discussed, Microsoft secured the approval of Nintendo, and Nvidia, as it moved forward with the acquisition bid, requiring Sony to submit years’ worth of company records and trade secrets.

Official Documents from Sony Reveal the Secret Release Date of PlayStation 6

Sony's official document has the PlayStation 6's release date obscured for corporate reasons, but other passages indicated that Sony aims to release the new platform beyond 2027. For example, page eight (8) of the paper listed the specifics according to Sony, after Microsoft offered to keep making Call of Duty and other ABK titles available on PlayStation until 2027, which is a much less time than we had previously heard and what Microsoft had promised Nintendo and Nvidia.

It is believed that Sony plans to release PlayStation 6 sometime after 2027 as a result of piecing together the document published by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). Upon its publishing, Sony has opposed Microsoft's potential acquisition of an independent game developer which could potentially result in a monopoly for Microsoft and an insult towards Sony.

Sony has dominated the gaming hardware market for nearly two decades and, during the PS3 era, invested heavily in exclusive games. The Company encouraged gamers to purchase PlayStation consoles if they wanted to play games. This action, as many other users have since expressed, seemed unreasonable, but it certainly has helped shape modern trends in gaming.

Microsoft leveraged this climate of exclusivity by creating an impressive subscription service that Sony has been striving to replicate ever since. Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch console is on track to unseat the PlayStation 2 as the world’s best-selling console.

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