April 5, 2021

Let's Go Clubbing! Jet Kave Adventure Review

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Let's Go Clubbing! Jet Kave Adventure Review

By Joel | April 5, 2021

Jet Kave Adventure by indie developer 7Levels, pays tribute to the classic gameplay, casting you in the role of a caveman chief named Kave, who has been banished from his village after discovering a crashed alien ship.

Through 30+ interconnecting levels, you'll venture on a prehistoric quest to unlock the secrets of the strange alien ship, bring honor back to your village, and of course, snatch some hidden treasures along the way.

Jet Kave Adventures has that Donkey Kong Country look, doesn't it?

The Fate of Humanity is in your Jetpack

Running and jumping is still at the core of the gameplay, but plenty of new tricks add diversity, including momentarily being able to hover with the use of a jet pack. Along the way, you'll be doing battle in caves, jungle, and lava molten areas.

We especially applaud 7Levels for injecting some special care into the graphics, making every waterfall, temple, and jungle foliage look more beautiful than those in a traditional platformer. In fact, Jet Kave Adventure has a very similar look to Donkey Kong Country in terms of colorful and vibrant visuals.

Jet Kave Adventure

Short But Sweet

Like most traditional platformers, the levels are on the short side, and the maps are still linear and constrained which means you're not free to explore everywhere you'd like to. Keyboard controls are acceptable, but you will benefit more from using a gamepad controller.

On the whole, there's nothing really unique that separates this title from other platformers out there. What sells the game, however, is its personality and high nostalgia factor. Jet Kave has enough charm to win gamers over, and it kept me playing all the way to the end. The genre is a bit dated, but the gameplay is still ridiculously fun even in today's age of over-the-top gameplay mechanics and graphics.

Thanks, 7Levels. Thank you very much.

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