August 22, 2023

The RIG 600 Pro Wireless Headset is More than a Headset, It’s Your Gaming Ally

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The RIG 600 Pro Wireless Headset is More than a Headset, It’s Your Gaming Ally

By Nick | August 22, 2023

Step into the world of the NACON RIG 600 PRO, where dual wireless technology meets audacious acoustic allure. For those who’ve been on the hunt for the best gaming headset for multi-platform use, your quest might just be over.

Whether you're rocking a PlayStation, grinding on Xbox, questing on the Nintendo Switch, conquering on PC, or gaming on the go with Mobile, this headset seamlessly flits between platforms like a butterfly with a gaming console.

Watch the Rig 600 Pro in action Here

The Game Worlds Come Alive with the NACON RIG 600 Pro Wireless Headset

Game On, Cords Off

Looking for low-latency gaming gear? Check. With a latency so low, it's almost mythical, and Bluetooth capabilities that rival top-tier tech gadgets, the RIG 600 PRO ensures that your in-game audio syncs flawlessly with your gameplay. But that’s not all. Ever thought about an undercover microphone? This is your James Bond of the audio world. It discreetly hides within the earcup when it’s not active. Need to switch gears? Simply use the flip-to-mute feature, a favorite among competitive gamers.

As Jack Reynolds, NACON's Gaming Maestro and Head of RIG Development puts it, "In a world where nearly half our gaming brethren play on more than one platform, we made sure the 600 PRO stands tall as a beacon of versatility.” If you're a serious gamer, this isn’t just another headset. It’s the only one you'll need.

If you're part of the multi-platform gaming revolution or just seeking the crème de la crème of headsets, the NACON RIG 600 PRO beckons. Try it out today and hear the difference. Dive into the game, and let the world fade away.

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