October 24, 2023

Sailing the High Seas of Fun: Sea of Survivors (Steam) Review

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Sailing the High Seas of Fun: Sea of Survivors (Steam) Review

By Joel | October 24, 2023
Set sail with Sea of Survivors, an addictive game where you fight off swashbucklers, monstrous sea creatures, and uncover cursed treasures.

Sea of Survivors, the latest offering from indie developer Nah Yeah Games, plunges you headfirst into an unending voyage across a vast and perilous ocean. As you sail the high seas, your reflexes will be tested by relentless swarms of swashbuckling foes, monstrous sea creatures, and an array of elusive treasures that come with their own cursed baggage.

Like Vampire Survivors, the ultimate goal is to survive for as long as you can using your newfound bounty to enhance your vessel, assemble a robust crew, and ascend to the pinnacle of maritime power.

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Set sail with Sea of Survivors, an addictive game where you fight off swashbucklers, monstrous sea creatures, and uncover cursed treasures.

Sailing the Simplistic Seas

Having dedicated a good chunk of time to this aquatic escapade, I've gathered a literal treasure trove of impressions. Graphically, Sea of Survivors takes a more minimalistic approach to other games in this genre. The ocean, for example, is devoid of towering waves or rolling swells, opting instead for a simpler, more stylized form of motion which creates a unique, albeit less realistic, aquatic environment. The three-masted ship you captain, however, gracefully cuts through the water, leaving behind a pleasing wake that adds a touch of realism to the otherwise simplified seascape.

Much like its land predecessor, Vampire Survivors, the crux of the game lies in its endless survival mechanics. The gameplay pits you against wave after wave of small, but quick pirate vessels, all vying for your untimely demise. The small touches, like the animated oarsmen and swimming adversaries, add an extra layer of immersion to the maritime mayhem.

Each vanquished enemy adds to your coin collection, allowing you to purchase and beef up your vessel with a range of upgrades, including enhanced damage, speed, and an assortment of other vital attributes. These upgrades are crucial, especially when you find yourself pitted against the game's more formidable bosses.

Set sail with Sea of Survivors, an addictive game where you fight off swashbucklers, monstrous sea creatures, and uncover cursed treasures.

Treasure Hunting and Upgrades

In addition to combat, the game allows you to plunder and raid hidden treasures and weapons caches, a task that is easier said than done, considering you have to circle around it until a timer counts down, and while trying to attack and dodge incoming attacks from all around.

The game doesn’t pull any punches, throwing you into the thick of the action from the get-go and leaving you feeling quite vulnerable. However, once you've assembled a formidable build, the game transforms itself from a daunting challenge to a delightful romp.

Despite the games addictive gameplay, it's not all smooth sailing. There are a couple of sticking points that detracted from the overall experience. First, your starting weapons are laughably weak, providing little to no help when you're swarmed early on by enemy vessels. Secondly, there's a host of aquatic foes, like sharks and whales, that while harmful to you, are inexplicably non-threatening to your enemies. This discrepancy often feels like you're fighting on two fronts, with the odds heavily stacked against you.

Controls are generally responsive, though I did encounter a hiccup when both a controller and keyboard were connected. A quick unplugging and re-plugging of the controller seemed to do the trick.

Challenging the Deep Blue

All things considered, Sea of Survivors is a thoroughly enjoyable experience that has sunk its anchors deep into me. It's an addictive, fun-filled romp that I find hard to put down, despite my frustrations early on in the game. With a few more tweaks to the enemy waves and weapon balance, I'm confident that this sea-faring saga could evolve from good to truly great.

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