September 11, 2023

The Roaring Fur-Ball of Atari: Selling the "64-Bit" Jaguar

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The Roaring Fur-Ball of Atari: Selling the "64-Bit" Jaguar

By Rafie Rhee | September 11, 2023

[Scene: A quirky meeting room at Atari HQ. The executives are seated, trying to figure out how to market their latest console, the Atari Jaguar. The room is filled with nervous excitement, trepidation, and a hint of desperation.]

CEO: Alright, team, we have a wild beast on our hands, the Atari Jaguar! It's powerful, it's sleek, and it's…(glances around)…uhh, 64-bits! Yeah, that's right! 64-bits!

VP of Marketing: (whispers to a colleague) More like "64 bits of creativity"! We need a plan to make this furball appealing!

[The marketing team looks around with puzzled expressions, wondering how to make this work.]

Marketing Executive 1: (grinning) I've got an idea! Let's tell the buyers and gaming magazines that the jaguar is so advanced that it can see in 64 different dimensions! You know, like those fancy 3D games.

Tech Specialist: (rolls eyes) I hate to break it to you, but it's not actually 64-bits. It's just a cool 32-bit console at best with some growls added.

VP of Marketing: (panicking) Come on, team! We can't let the truth ruin our fun! Let's create a buzz by telling gamers we've unlocked the "64-bit" potential. Who knows, maybe they'll believe it!

CEO: (nodding) That's the spirit! We'll make them feel like they're part of an exclusive club, owning a console with hidden powers only true gaming wizards can perceive!

Design Executive: (sketching furiously) I've got it! Let's design the console with paw prints all over it, and we'll say they represent the 64 paws of the most majestic jaguar in the gaming kingdom!

Tech Specialist: (trying to contain laughter) Seriously? Paws for bits now? That's… something.

Marketing Executive 2: (grinning) Hear me out! We'll run a TV commercial showing the Atari Jaguar leaping from the dense jungle onto the gaming battlefield! And then, a voiceover booms, "64-bit leap of power!"

CEO: (laughing) Yes! That's the spirit! We'll take the gaming world by storm with our ferocious 64-bit cat!

[The tech specialist raises a finger, as if about to point out something important.]

Tech Specialist: Uh, guys, remember that the Sega Saturn, 3DO, and the upcoming Playstation are also a 32-bit consoles, right? We can't claim to be leaps and bounds ahead of any of them. Especially the Playstation.

VP of Marketing: (ignoring the fact) Details, my friend, details! Our 64-bit claim will be the stuff of gaming legends!

Marketing Executive 1: (excitedly) We'll also partner with zoos and animal sanctuaries to sponsor real-life jaguars! Gamers will feel like they're protecting the wild kingdom by buying our console!

CEO: (enthusiastically) And let's create a game where players are "Jaguar Guardians," rescuing wild animals from evil poachers! We'll call it "64-bit Wild Rescuers"!

Tech Specialist: (shaking head) Why not just call it "Wild Rescuers"? The bits have nothing to do with saving animals.

VP of Marketing: (with conviction) Remember, we're not selling a console; we're selling a lifestyle! Owning an Atari Jaguar will be like taming a powerful, mystical creature! Only those gamers worthy enough to harness the power of 64-bit can then be called 'true gamers'!

[The team is buzzing with excitement, ready to take on the gaming world with their outlandish ideas.]

In this scenario, the Atari executives embrace the absurdity of their marketing approach, ignoring technical realities to create a wild narrative around the Atari Jaguar.

Their quirky and humorous ideas add a touch of levity to the meeting, showing that sometimes in the world of marketing, enthusiasm and imagination can overshadow facts. Despite their hilarious pitch, the Atari Jaguar's unique marketing strategy might just be what sets it apart in the competitive gaming jungle.

Interested in reading more about Atari? Check out The History of Atari here.

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