March 14, 2023

Showgunners - The Electrifying Turn-Based Strategy Game Releases May 2nd on PC

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Showgunners - The Electrifying Turn-Based Strategy Game Releases May 2nd on PC

By Nick | March 14, 2023

Good Shepherd Entertainment and developer Artificer have announced that Showgunners, formerly titled Homicidal All-Stars, will make its debut on PC via Steam and on May 2, 2023. Players can crush their enemies to win the crowd's favor in this over-the-top tribute to beloved action classics like American Gladiators, RoboCop, and The Running Man.

Showgunners - The Electrifying Turn-Based Strategy Game Releases May 2nd on PC

Beginning today, the free Showgunners Steam demo introduces a unique feature that enables the crowd to affect the experience: Twitch mode*! Through this mode, Twitch streamers can invite their viewers to personally participate in a chaotic battle across multiple maps that showcase varying scopes and levels of environment interactivity. But, with their active participation, will the spectators aid streamers or send them to an ultimate demise?

Contestants in a dystopian future seek fame and glory as they battle heavily armed opponents in an arena broadcast live-streamed by the masses. Unique themes, traps and challenges await contestants who will have to explore for life-saving sponsorship packages and outwit especially devious surprises from the show's director in order to become the next champ.


  • A Classic Revenge Story: Experience over-the-top, American Gladiators-style action and attitude inspired by sci-fi epics like RoboCopEscape from New York and The Running Man.
  • Become a TV Legend: Defying death through skillful play will grow your fame and make you a star! Record confessionals, sign autographs for fans, and unlock sponsorship deals for bonus rewards to help you win the show.
  • Challenging Strategy Gameplay: Dive into a full single-player campaign featuring deep tactical combat mechanics that will test your skills across a variety of hand-crafted levels.
  • Create the Perfect Squad: Build your team from various classes with their skill trees, and customize their load-outs with powerful weapons, implants, and utilities. Level up your characters and discover new strategies for each episode’s devilish trials.
  • Survive the Future of Entertainment: Face off against fierce rivals outfitted with heavy weapons and cyborg augments, but watch out for surprise traps and twists from the show’s director, who’s more than willing to throw out the rules to boost ratings for his corporate overlords!

Showgunners is available to wishlist now on Steam and For more on the game, visit, and follow along with the latest updates on Discord.

View the trailer: HERE

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