August 8, 2023

Lightning-Fast Mayhem with a Dash of Indie Charm: Speedway Racing (Steam) Review

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Lightning-Fast Mayhem with a Dash of Indie Charm: Speedway Racing (Steam) Review

By Nick | August 8, 2023
Lightning-Fast Mayhem with a Dash of Indie Charm: Speedway Racing (Steam) Review

When it comes to racing games, we've seen and played them all – from realistic simulations, futuristic car shooters, to quirky kart battles. But just when you thought you'd raced through every possibility, along comes Speedway Racing, the indie darling developed by the racing minds at Super Powerup Games, who have been pumping out games for the last two decades or so.

Speedway Racing is their latest opus magnus with an uncanny gameplay resemblance of arcade racing games of the past. So let's dig right in and prepare yourself for the most electrifying and adrenaline-pumping arcade racer since Daytona USA.

Lightning-Fast Mayhem with a Dash of Indie Charm: Speedway Racing (Steam) Review

Warp-Speed Thrills

If you crave speed, Speedway Racing is the answer to your velocity prayers. Speedway takes speed to a whole new level, with races tearing across the tracks at over 250 mph! The sensation of the wind whipping past your virtual face is exhilarating, and the heart-pounding moments of dodging and weaving through 20+ rival drivers will keep you on the edge of your seat.

As with any good racer, variety is the spice of life, and Speedway delivers it in spades for an indie title. Whether you're in the mood for a challenging journey to the top in Championship mode, a wild and reckless joyride in Arcade mode, or some heated four-split screen action with friends, Speedway caters to all your speedster desires.

Leaderboard Love

One of the highlights of Speedway Racing is the online leaderboard feature which pits you against your friends and fellow racers from around the globe and adds a healthy dose of competition, motivating you to shave off those precious milliseconds from your lap times. Climbing up the ranks and earning bragging rights is a fantastic feeling, making the leaderboard a delightful addition to the game

With speeds this breakneck, expect a learning curve that resembles a rollercoaster track. Mastering the art of precision maneuvering while avoiding collisions is no easy feat, and you might find yourself experiencing more crashes than a clumsy toddler learning to walk. But fear not, as practice makes perfect, and the satisfaction of mastering the game's mechanics is immeasurable.

Lightning-Fast Mayhem with a Dash of Indie Charm: Speedway Racing (Steam) Review

Barebones Features

Despite the thrilling races that the game provides, it wobbles to the finish line with its lack of in-game features. For one, there are no damage effects, tire wear, or even pit stops. In fact, you can race an entire 23 lap race without so much as a scratch or refill.

But the biggest culprit that needs ironing out, in my opinion, is what I like to call 'bump and stop.' What I mean by this is that anytime you crash against the wall or another car, you literally come to stop. This wouldn't be so bad if you could accelerate back to speed, but here, if you have to build up to it, negating the fantastic speed racing games are known for.

While Speedway Racing offers heart-stopping action, its visual appeal could also use a little polish. Don't get me wrong; the game is far from an eyesore, but compared to some AAA racing titles, it lacks that extra layer of glossy finesse. Everything looks a bit hazy as though the blur effect was left on. However, it's important to remember that this is an indie game, and Super Powerup Games' focus on gameplay more than makes up for any graphical shortcomings.

A Must-Play for Racing Junkies

If you're a thrill-seeking speed demon with a penchant for racing games, Speedway Racing is a must-play. While it might have a few bumps on the track, the sheer excitement of hurtling through races at impossible speeds, avoiding rival collisions, and competing on the global leaderboard makes this game a truly fun and engaging experience.

And even if it doesn't have that nostalgic feel that Daytona or Ridge Racer provided back in the day, it is still worth checking out just for the arcade-style fun.

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