November 26, 2020


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By Joel | November 26, 2020
Strikers 1945 is a faithful reproduction of the original arcade game released in 1995. Gameplay is addictive but still reptitive.

If It Moves, Shoot It

We are well into the next-next-gen of the gaming revolution and still, the older arcade games are getting converted to the newest platforms, and Strikers 1945 PC is no exception. With a handful of World War 2 planes at your disposal including the excellent British Spitfire, you are well armed to take on any of the 7 levels thrown at you.

Just as in the original, your objectives range from shooting down bombers to destroying battleships and bombing missile bases. Sadly, aside from some added content, like online ranking you'll be asking yourself, is that it? The graphics are faithful to the arcade original and are filled with transforming bosses, explosions, and special weapon effects that make the game addictively fun.

Strikers 1945 is a faithful reproduction of the original arcade game released in 1995. Gameplay is addictive but still reptitive.

Addictive But Somewhat Repetitive

The developers have also done a nice job of adding arcade marquees to make it modern-looking. One downside I have with this version is that it's pretty easy to beat since the game is very generous with the extra lives and power-ups. Thankfully, a Hard and Very Hard mode is included to challenge even the most seasoned players.

The gameplay is made more enjoyable by the two-player mode but tracking your plane can get confusing when the entire screen is overloaded with explosions and bullet tracers. While the game is fun, it's hard to justify the few hours of gameplay for the asking price since you can get it free through emulators or in bundled sales.

Still, Strikers 1945 PC is a solid game that proves that the shooter genre is still alive and kicking. Hopefully, we'll see a true sequel to this great franchise sometime soon.

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