March 10, 2023

Build Your City of Dreams with TerraScape on Steam This April

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Build Your City of Dreams with TerraScape on Steam This April

By Joel | March 10, 2023

TerraScape is the perfect game for gamers looking to build their own city of dreams. Developed by indie developer Bitfall Studios and published by Toplitz Production, this game offers gamers the chance to become urban planners who build while they play.

Play TerraScape and become the urban planner your city needs and challenge yourself with its unique simulation-strategy mechanics

With different cards available in each pack, gamers must cleverly place them in the game world to expand their kingdom and earn points. Players can also unlock new collections as rewards that bring a host of exciting buildings and features to enhance their simulated city. TerraScape combines strategy, skill, and simulation into one package, making it an enthralling experience for gamers seeking a challenge with a creative flair.

You can view the trailer: or visit TerraScape's Official Steam page here

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