August 21, 2023

A Glimpse into One of America's Most Notorious Haunting: The Perron Poltergeist

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A Glimpse into One of America's Most Notorious Haunting: The Perron Poltergeist

By Joel | August 21, 2023

The supernatural has always been a subject of fascination and fear for humanity. Ghost stories and tales of haunted houses abound in nearly every culture, each with its own unique characteristics and beliefs.

The Perron family haunting, often referred to as the Perron Poltergeist, stands out as one of America's most captivating and terrifying real-life ghost stories. This chilling account of a family's experiences with the supernatural served as the inspiration for James Wan's 2013 film, "The Conjuring."

A Glimpse into One of America's Most Notorious Haunting: The Perron Poltergeist

Background: The Perron Family

In January 1971, Roger and Carolyn Perron, along with their five daughters - Andrea, Nancy, Christine, Cynthia, and April, moved into a farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island. This farmhouse, known as the Old Arnold Estate, spanned a massive 200 acres and had a history stretching back to 1736.

The Haunting Begins

Not long after moving in, the family began experiencing odd and unsettling events. As it most hauntings, it began with minor incidents, including, brooms going missing, items being moved around, and the sound of a door creaking when no one was nearby. The children even reported seeing spirits around the house, though these initial apparitions were largely benign. Over time, the frequency and intensity of the disturbances grew more frequent and more frightening.

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Darker Entities Emerge

According to the family, while many of the spirits were harmless, others were far more malevolent. The most notorious spirit was believed to be that of Bathsheba Sherman, a woman who had previously lived on the property in the mid-19th century. Legend had it that Bathsheba had sacrificed her infant child to the devil and was cursed, taking her own life and becoming a dark entity after her death.

Carolyn Perron, the family matriarch, was particularly tormented by Bathsheba. She reported being physically assaulted and felt as if she was the focus of Bathsheba’s malevolence. There were claims of being pinched, slapped, and even stabbed with a sewing needle by the malevolent spirit.

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The Warrens Intervene

Ed and Lorraine Warren, well-known paranormal investigators, were eventually called in to assist the Perron family. Lorraine, a clairvoyant, and Ed, a demonologist, had worked on numerous high-profile supernatural cases, including the famous Amityville haunting.

The Warrens conducted a series of séances and investigations in the home and duuring one particular séance, Carolyn was reportedly possessed, speaking in tongues and levitating in her chair. However, the results of the Warrens' interventions were controversial. While they believed the house to be possessed by multiple spirits and demons, their attempts to cleanse the home reportedly exacerbated the haunting. The Perrons claimed that the phenomena grew more violent and unpredictable after the séances.

The Warren's legacy of dealing with the supernatural can be explored at the Warren's Official Museum.

The End of the Haunting

After enduring nearly a decade of torment, the Perron family finally moved out of the farmhouse in 1980. The spirits, it seemed, were tied to the land or the house itself, and the family experienced peace once they left.

The Old Arnold Estate changed hands multiple times after the Perrons moved out. Subsequent owners have had varied experiences, with some reporting supernatural occurrences while others claim no haunting experiences at all.

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Supernatural Lore

The Perron Poltergeist story remains a significant chapter in the annals of American supernatural lore. While skeptics argue that the events can be explained by environmental factors, psychological stress, or even deliberate fabrications, the Perron family maintains the authenticity of their experience.

It also raises questions about the nature of the supernatural, the history that binds spirits to certain locations, and the thin veil that might separate our world from the unknown. Whether one believes in ghosts or not, the story of the Perron family haunting is a compelling testament to the power of the unexplained.

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