October 10, 2023

California’s Rainbow Connection: The Skittles Ban/Unban Saga

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California’s Rainbow Connection: The Skittles Ban/Unban Saga

By Nick | October 10, 2023

It’s a sunny day in Los Angeles, and Californians now wonder if they can taste the rainbow without tasting titanium dioxide. Yes, you read that right, the Golden State hasn't banned the beloved Skittles, but the substance giving them that sheeny coat is on the no-no list.

Dive into California's Skittles controversy as we unravel the titanium dioxide twist and find out if Californians can still taste the rainbow.

The Titanium Twist

The controversy starts with one of the main ingredients: titanium dioxide. While not exactly a substance you'd find at the end of a rainbow or in a pot of gold, it is primarily used in various products, from sunscreen to paint to candy.

This compound, it seems, gives Skittles their glossy finish, and in California, known for being health-conscious (and sometimes just conscious-conscious), has raised eyebrows at this particular ingredient.

While it's easy to poke fun at California for its "avocado toast" and "green juice" reputation, the state has often led the nation in product safety standards. For example, if something's banned in California, companies often reformulate products to avoid the hassle of having two versions.

> Find out more about Titanium dioxide

Social Media Shenanigans

Social media, the virtual town square of the 21st century, is alight with chatter defending the sugary treat. And it seems Governor Gavin Newsome has become the internet's favorite chew toy in this candy fiasco.

From memes suggesting he's stolen Halloween to those picturing him as the Grinch who took away the rainbow, the digital realm is not without its sense of humor. And Californians have a knack for creating some creative nicknames for their politicians.

But before we get too carried away with the candy-coated chaos, it's essential to remember that Skittles are not banned per se, so fans of the multicolored candy need not despair. Is it time for Skittles to evolve into a shinier, more California-friendly version that is gluten-free, sugar-free, and titanium-dioxide-free?

A Brief Rainbow History

Skittles, the candy that’s kept dentists busy since the 1970s, symbolizes childhood, nostalgia, and sugar rushes. Originating in the UK, Skittles crossed the pond to the US in the early '80s with their catchy slogans and vibrant colors, which soon became a hit.

The mixture of fruity flavors and the fun of guessing which color corresponds to which taste has made them a favorite among candy lovers.

The fact that Skittles have survived through the low-carb, keto, and anti-sugar movements is a testament to their tantalizing appeal. I mean, who doesn’t like a pocket-sized rainbow?

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Taste the Rainbow

While the candy's core may get a makeover in the Golden State, its spirit remains untamed. As we wait for the next chapter in the Skittles saga, remember to enjoy your candy responsibly and, if you're in California, maybe with a slightly less shiny coat.

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