July 29, 2023

Pavement Pandemonium: Tristan Cole's Pro Driver

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Pavement Pandemonium: Tristan Cole's Pro Driver

By Joel | July 29, 2023

Whether you're a video game connoisseur or just a casual controller wrangler, it's time to buckle up and set your sights on the retro rearview mirror. Get ready to pave the digital asphalt with tire treads as we turn the key on Tristan Cole's Pro Driver (TCPD), an upcoming indie title by the eponymous developer, Tristan Cole.

Pavement Pandemonium: Tristan Cole's Pro Driver

Stunt Driving Redefined

Marrying the wild, frantic action of Sega's Crazy Taxi with the precision trickery of combo-based extreme sports games, all against the backdrop of blistering speed akin to premier racing titles, TCPD promises a potent cocktail of nostalgia and novelty, adrenaline, and amusement.

As an indie developer with his steering wheel firmly gripped on the gaming community's pulse, Tristan Cole has become synonymous with the fusion of creativity and gameplay practicality. Blending classic elements with inventive twists, Cole's craft is no mere exercise in reinventing the wheel, but rather, adding a turbocharger to it. Having previously charmed players with engaging narratives and unique gameplay mechanics, TCPD is Cole's bold leap into the nitrous-infused world of stunt driving.

You take on the role of a hired driver in the world of stunt driving. As a mercenary, you accept any challenge as long as the price is right. You will need to balance strategic resource management, collecting earnings to upgrade your vehicles and acquire new flashy machines. In addition, the driving mechanics require skill and reward high-risk maneuvers with high-octane glory.

Pavement Pandemonium: Tristan Cole's Pro Driver

Turning Green Lights to Gold

The control scheme, more akin to a twitch-based fighter game than your typical racer, demands precision timing to execute elaborate driving stunts and rack up impressive combos. Meanwhile, the race against the clock and rival drivers adds an exhilarating sense of urgency that keeps the tension at a perpetual high gear.

TCPD's environment is both your stage and playground as the sprawling urban jungle comes alive with opportunity and danger at every corner. Back alleys become potential shortcuts, rooftops morph into makeshift ramps, and roundabouts transform into dizzying drifting circuits. This dynamic, interactable cityscape ensures each game session remains fresh, unpredictable, and thrillingly chaotic.

As for aesthetics, TCPD channels the charm of arcade-era vibrancy with its saturated colors, sharp contrast, and whimsically exaggerated vehicle designs. The stylistic echoes of yesteryears, however, do not hinder the game's seamless performance. Accompanied by an electric soundtrack, the game proves to be as much a visual and auditory spectacle as it is a test of your driving dexterity.

Pavement Pandemonium: Tristan Cole's Pro Driver

Ingenuity Meets Rapture

With its white-knuckled, fast-paced gameplay and inventive approach to the stunt driving genre, TCPD is revving up to be a showstopper on the indie scene. Cole's unique combination of tried-and-true gameplay elements with innovative features presents a promising new challenger on the grid of racing games.

We eagerly anticipate donning our digital driving gear, hitting the gas, and burning some serious rubber in this upcoming release. As the saying goes, 'one never knows the feeling of speed until one is in control' and Tristan Cole's Pro Driver, is poised and ready to hand us the keys to fun.

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