March 23, 2023

Point and Click Adventure Game, Universe For Sale, Coming to Steam

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Point and Click Adventure Game, Universe For Sale, Coming to Steam

By Joel | March 23, 2023

Today at PAX East, Akupara Games unfurled their publishing plans for Tmesis Studios’ science-fiction opus, Universe For Sale, which examines the alliances between man and the journey to inner acceptance.

Concocted with a hand-drawn aesthetic evoking European sci-fi comics, complemented with the ambient sounds of Guglielmo Diana’s original score, and unfolding the enigmatic personalities of the cast with their own daunting secrets and ambitions, Universe For Sale is prepared for an2023 launch on PC platforms.

Reveal Trailer here:

Universe For Sale

Universe For Sale is an engrossing science-fiction adventure that delves into the depths of the human experience, showcasing themes of connections, awareness, and self-love. Trace the trails of the unnamed Maestro, an enigmatic theist, and Lila, a peddler of the cosmos. Roam through Jupiter's marketplace, immerse yourself in the riveting backstories of a cast of remarkable personas and mold your own tales with Lila's ability to customize alternate realities.


  • Immerse yourself through a picturesque, full hand-drawn world, highly inspired by the European's sci-fi comics.
  • Discover the past of mysterious characters and religions to achieve enlightenment.
  • Relax with an original soundtrack composed by Guglielmo Diana.
  • Craft and sell personalized Universes in a chilled-out atmosphere.

Wishlist or check out the game on Steam

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