June 8, 2024

Unleash Defiance in the World of Ancient Gods with Dawn of Defiance

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Unleash Defiance in the World of Ancient Gods with Dawn of Defiance

By Nick | June 8, 2024

Epic Announcement: Dawn of Defiance Early Access Launch on August 15, 2024

"Dawn of Defiance: Ancient Greek Survival-Crafting Game"

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQ7D17150ls

Traega Entertainment, an independent video game studio, revealed during IGN Live today that Dawn of Defiance, an open-world survival-crafting game inspired by ancient Greek mythology, will debut in early access on August 15, 2024, on both Steam and the Epic Games Store. This announcement was accompanied by a fresh trailer showcasing the highly customizable base building systems in the game, along with the introduction of a new late-game enemy type: the Gorgons!

Unveiling the Mythic World of Dawn of Defiance

In Dawn of Defiance, you assume the role of the Defier, embarking on a mythic journey across desolate islands. Progress from a mere soldier to a formidable anti-hero while navigating the Crossroads, constructing elaborate Greek structures, and proving your defiance as a champion. Collect resources, craft and enhance your equipment, and confront the challenges presented by the Gods alongside up to three companions.

Key Features:

  • Survival in the Isles: Amidst unrest in the Underworld, you find yourself marooned on a forgotten coastline for a trial. To unravel your mysterious destiny, you must begin from scratch and prepare yourself against the perils of the islands.
  • Exploration of Ruins: Venturing beyond divine realms, you will traverse coastal cliffs, shadowy forests, and scorching deserts with enhanced mobility, discovering treasures and powers among legendary sites.
  • Empowerment: Your triumphs on the islands will boost your prowess through discovered recipes and upgrades. Construct magnificent Greek edifices reminiscent of Olympus' grandeur and equip yourself with customizable crafted gear for protection.
  • Defiance against the Gods: Enter the Forgotten Crossroads and undergo the 12 trials to sever the lingering ties of divine power and claim their knowledge for yourself.
  • Team up: Embark on this perilous odyssey solo or rally up to three friends to assist you at any time through online cooperative multiplayer.

To anticipate the launch of Dawn of Defiance in early access on August 15, you can wish-list the game now on Steam and the Epic Games Store. For further details, visit www.dawnofdefiance.com, stay updated with the latest news on Twitter and TikTok, and engage with our community on Discord.

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