January 18, 2023

Unpaid Former Employee Threatens to Leak Motorsport Games' Source Code

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Unpaid Former Employee Threatens to Leak Motorsport Games' Source Code

By Nick | January 18, 2023

An anonymous employee has threatened Motorsports Games, a racing car game publisher, and E-sports organizer, with a security breach of their game source code.

This threat comes as the latest development in a looming legal battle and ongoing publicity scandal regarding unpaid wages and the company's fundraising proposals.

Former Employee Threatens to Leak Motorsport Games' Source Code For to Unpaid Wages

Employees at Motorsports Games' Russian office have reportedly threatened legal action if their outstanding wages, which have not been paid since October due to Russia's ongoing war with Ukraine, are not paid by January 25th.

The employees were ordered to relocate from Russia to Georgia without assistance to receive their salaries, the contracts of which would be renewed for 20% fewer wages.

And this isn't the only time the publishing racing giant has faced a possible threat from within. The company's board of directors resigned in November 2022 due to an SEC filing concerning fundraising efforts.

The developer reported a net loss of $7.5 million in 2022, struggling to stay competitive in the crowded racing game market against existing giants and rising game cost.

Motorsport Games, which took over publishing NASCAR games in 2020, primarily relies on developing these titles to bring in revenue.

However, with their financial troubles, it is unclear how long they can hold the license as nine of the eleven titles on their website are built around the US racing sport and things appear grim.

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