March 16, 2023

Co-op Space Adventure Game, Void Crew, Set for 2023 Release on PC

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Co-op Space Adventure Game, Void Crew, Set for 2023 Release on PC

By Nick | March 16, 2023

Focus Entertainment is excited to collaborate with Hutlihut Games to introduce Void Crew, a cooperative space adventure. Up to four players have the opportunity to explore, fight and loot their way through the galaxy in an exciting and thrilling journey.

Letting out screams together while engaging in this space exploration will create an unforgettable experience for all! Gather your crew, equip your ship and head off on a daring expedition through the stars.

Co-op Space Adventure Game, Void Crew, Set for 2023 Release on PC

In Void Crew, humanity must unite against a mysterious aggressor - the Hollow. Players join together as a crew of up to four mavericks who are tasked with braving the void and restoring order in the galaxy. Their mission: battle fearsome foes, salvage valuable loot, and reclaim lost territory in order to save humanity.

Embark aboard the most advanced spacecraft ever built, and embark on exciting missions into the depths of space in which your crew was not pre-trained. While asteroid storms, solar flares and mistakes by team members can be disregarded as minor concerns, hostile aliens and scavenging humans will push your crews’ limits. Rely on teamwork: each member should choose a role to best prioritize tasks with their crew, or any undertaking at hand can be achieved without prior planning.

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