January 13, 2021

We Thought We Would Be Playing A Boring MM Ripoff. Boy, Were We Wrong!

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TL;DR: Can Android Hunter A be Mega Man's long lost cousin? The similarities are there, but the personalities are different.

Title: Android Hunter A
Developer: DigiPlox Game Studios
Platform: PC
Article Type: Review
Website: http://androidhuntera.com/
Reviewer(s): Ian, Nick, and Maria
Game Description: Corrupted machines flood the streets of Future Earth, previously a haven for humans and androids alike. As cities fall, a new force is created to fight back - the perfect Android Hunter. Launch into a retro-inspired sidescrolling shooter sharpening the edge of action platforming in Android Hunter A. With fully animated cinematic cutscenes, quick-moving, diverse encounters, and a deep customization system, this is an adventure for nostalgic side-scrolling veterans and new players looking for fast-paced action?

So which audience is developer DigiPlox trying to reach with Android Hunter A, exactly? It's difficult to say. On one hand, it's packed with nods and references to the 16-bit classic. On the other hand, it's more of inference than a true update and yet it lacks some of the defining features that fans have come to expect with the Mega Man name. Still, I am extremely happy with what I got.

I also enjoyed the assortment of bosses and the complexity required to take them down. The game also has that wonderful Mega Man feel which is hard to mimic especially for someone like me who grew up playing these types of games on the NES and SNES. - Ian

True Mega Man fans will grin like insane lunatics the moment Android Hunter A materializes on their screen. The familiar look, the wide-eyed innocent expression, and the cannon-wielding arm will make you think you were transformed back to the 1990s. Android Hunter A's game structure is very similar to that of most sidescrollers as you have to climb, leap, jump, and shoot your way through 8 stages collecting power-ups and ultimately facing impressive-looking bosses.

The graphics are the game's high points with notable backdrops and well-drawn character models. My only complaint is with the jumping mechanics which feel more like you sticking to a wall instead of jumping over it. It's a fun game that any platformer fan will enjoy. I know I did! - Nick

To the untrained eye, Android Hunter A seems no more than a Mega Man rip-off. But lurking beneath the unassuming exterior lies a solid and very playable game. Historically, sidescrollers have always relied on strong play mechanics rather than on great aesthetics. Fortunately, Android Hunter A plays as good as it looks.

Your character is very responsive to your commands and although the levels are quite small, getting through them all will take some doing. While I very much enjoyed the game, I really wish the developer had created the character to be unique instead of a Mega Man clone. This way, there would not be any early comparisons between the two. Still, the game plays very well and I had fun. And that's all that matters. - Maria

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