June 20, 2023

What Your Favorite Build in an RPG Reveals About You

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What Your Favorite Build in an RPG Reveals About You

By Nick | June 20, 2023

Role-playing games (RPGs) have captivated gamers for decades, allowing them to embark on epic adventures and assume different personas. Within these games, players have the freedom to choose their character's attributes, skills, and abilities, often referred to as "builds."

While seemingly a matter of personal preference, your favored build can provide valuable insights into your personality, playstyle, and even your approach to real-life challenges. In this article, we will delve into the psychology behind RPG builds and explore what they can reveal about you.

What Your Favorite Build in an RPG Reveals About You

The Mighty Warrior

If you gravitate towards playing as a heavily armored warrior, wielding a massive sword and charging fearlessly into battle, it reflects a courageous and determined personality. You are a force to be reckoned with, valuing physical strength and direct confrontation. Your favorite build suggests that you thrive in the face of adversity, embracing challenges head-on and embodying a "never give up" aatitude. Examples of games featuring mighty warrior builds include Skyrim's Two-Handed Berserker or Dark Souls' Strength-based Knight.

The Cunning Rogue

For those who prefer stealth, agility, and finesse, opting for a rogue-like build, it unveils an individual who relishes the thrill of outsmarting opponents. You possess a strategic mindset, excelling at observation, problem-solving, and thinking on your feet. Stealthily sneaking past enemies, picking locks, and landing precise strikes are your specialties. Your favorite build signifies a calculated and adaptable nature. Games such as Dishonored's stealthy Assassin or The Elder Scrolls Online's Nightblade class cater to your rogue-like inclinations.

The Wise Mage

Choosing a mage build brimming with arcane power and spellcasting abilities indicates an imaginative and intellectually inclined person. You are drawn to the magical arts, seeking knowledge, and understanding the mysteries of the world. As a mage, you prefer to engage foes from a distance, employing devastating spells and conjurations to shape reality. Your favorite build suggests that you possess a thirst for wisdom, a keen intellect, and a creative flair. Games like Dragon Age: Origins' Mage class or The Witcher 3's Sign-based build cater to your magical aspirations.

The Supportive Healer

If you find joy in playing the role of a support character, dedicating your skills to healing and protecting others, it showcases a compassionate and nurturing side of your personality. You genuinely care about the well-being of those around you, valuing cooperation and teamwork. Your favorite build reveals a selfless nature, always ready to lend a helping hand and create harmony within a group. Games like World of Warcraft's Holy Priest or Final Fantasy XIV's White Mage offer opportunities to embody the supportive healer archetype.

The Tactical Strategist

Some players find satisfaction in orchestrating battles from a position of leadership and strategic thinking. These individuals gravitate towards builds that emphasize tactical prowess, such as a general, commander, or summoner. Your preferred playstyle indicates that you are a natural-born leader, adept at analyzing complex situations and making calculated decisions. Your build choice reflects a desire to control the battlefield, manipulating resources and allies to achieve victory. Games like Fire Emblem: Three Houses' tactician or Divinity: Original Sin 2's summoner build cater to your strategic inclinations.

You Are What You Play

While it may seem that choosing a build in an RPG is a simple matter of preference, it is worth considering the underlying motivations and personality traits that guide your decision. Whether you favor the might of a warrior, the cunning of a rogue, the wisdom of a mage, the support of a healer, or the strategic thinking of a commander, your favorite build reveals aspects of your character and playstyle that extend beyond the virtual world. So embrace your chosen build, for it reflects a part of who you are and the qualities you bring to both gaming and real-life challenges.

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