June 15, 2023

Link, Zelda, and My Identity Crisis: A Mix-Up for the Ages

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Link, Zelda, and My Identity Crisis: A Mix-Up for the Ages

By Rafie Rhee | June 15, 2023

I must admit my mistake. Video games have a beloved franchise that has captured the hearts and imaginations of millions- The Legend of Zelda. It's important to note that the protagonist who embarks on epic adventures is not the character named Zelda, as commonly assumed, but rather a valiant hero named Link.

It's common for misunderstandings to occur when it comes to complex stories and iconic characters. Therefore, let's explore the captivating narrative of Princess Zelda and Hero Link and discover the reality behind this cherished video game franchise.

Link, Zelda, and My Identity Crisis: A Mix-Up for the Ages

Setting the Stage

The kingdom of Hyrule serves as the backdrop for The Legend of Zelda, a world filled with enchanted creatures, foreboding dungeons, and age-old artifacts. Princess Zelda holds a crucial position in the narrative as the princess of Hyrule, gifted with a royal lineage connected to the Triforce, an otherworldly object of great might. Nonetheless, it's the hero, Link, who takes the lead as the protagonist, carrying the weight of rescuing the kingdom from the clutches of malevolent forces.

Link, the Hero

Although the game's title bears Zelda's name, it is Link who stands out as the brave hero at the forefront. Dressed in his iconic green tunic, floppy hat, and shield, Link represents the epitome of a true hero. He wields a sword as he embarks on dangerous missions, fighting formidable foes, solving complex puzzles, and traversing vast terrains to rescue Princess Zelda and bring harmony back to Hyrule.

Zelda, the Princess

It would be unfair to underestimate Princess Zelda as simply a helpless victim. She plays an important role in the larger story and possesses her own set of strengths. Zelda frequently acts as a guide for Link, offering valuable knowledge, mystical artifacts, and spiritual support to aid him in his heroic quest. Her wisdom, empathy, and unyielding resolve make her an essential component of the story's intricate fabric.

Confusion? What Confusion?

The reason for the confusion over who the protagonist of Zelda is stems from the title of the franchise itself - The Legend of Zelda. This title pays tribute to the impact Princess Zelda has had on the game's lore and her central role in the overarching storyline. However, the main focus of the narrative is on Link's quest, with the princess serving as a symbol of hope and motivation for the hero's unrelenting determination..

The confusion surrounding the Legend of Zelda franchise is a common occurrence. Many people have mistakenly believed that Zelda is the sword-wielding hero. However, the truth reveals a complex and intricate story where both Princess Zelda and the valiant hero Link coexist, each making their unique contributions to the saga.

The series has become a timeless legend thanks to the collaborative efforts of those involved, captivating players globally and leaving a lasting impression on the gaming world. As you embark on your next adventure in Hyrule, remember to root for the hero in the green tunic, Link, and acknowledge the crucial role played by the princess, Zelda.

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