September 7, 2023

The Art of Unfinished Gaming: Why We Press Pause and Never Press Play Again

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The Art of Unfinished Gaming: Why We Press Pause and Never Press Play Again

By Rafie Rhee | September 7, 2023

Remember when we were kids and the adults would always nag, "Finish what you started!"? Well, in the quirky world of gaming, not finishing what you start is becoming the trend du jour.

So it's fitting to welcome our readers to the world of the 'unfinished game' movement, where it's not about the destination, but the joy of the journey. Let's look into this refreshing disregard for the finish line and uncover the reasons why most gamers can't finish the games they start and have no problems with it.

Journey over Destination? Dive into the world of gamers who've mastered the art of not finishing games.

The Gaming Buffet Experience

Imagine walking into a buffet and seeing trays upon trays of delicious food. Would you eat just one dish until you're stuffed or sample a bit of everything? Many gamers treat their extensive library of games like a buffet and with platforms like Steam, Epic Games, and Xbox Game Pass, players can now access a vast range of titles. Why gorge on one when you can taste them all?

The Overwhelming Beauty of Open Worlds

Games like The Witcher 3 or Red Dead Redemption 2 offer expansive worlds with side quests, secret locations, and fascinating characters. Sometimes, however, simply immersing oneself in the world, fishing in a serene lake, or galloping through lush meadows is reward enough. Who needs the end credits when the world feels alive and endless?

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Changing Game Dynamics & Replay Value

Many contemporary games are designed with non-linear gameplay and multiple endings. Games such as Detroit: Become Human or Life is Strange have branching narratives that give gamers a different outcome with every choice. So, oftentimes, it's about playing the same game differently, rather than finishing it in one go.

The Real-World Responsibilities: Adulthood Strikes

Not to sound like a buzzkill, but being an adult is hard, I mean really hard. Time becomes a luxury when juggling jobs, bills, family, and social responsibilities. Many gamers start a game with zest, only to be pulled away by real-life duties. So not completing a game, is sometimes about not wanting to finish, but not finding the time.

Achievements, Badges, and Bragging Rights

For some, gaming is about the hunt for achievements, badges, or bragging rights. Players who often take this quest are doing it so to unlock every secret, Easter egg, and hidden gem the game offers. And often, this means not rushing to the end but savoring every challenge the game has to offer.

Press Pause Not Play

In a world constantly rushing us towards the finish line, there's a lesson to be learned from the 'unfinished game' movement. It's the reminder that sometimes, it's not about the end but about the stories we gather, the experiences we cherish, and the joy we find in the journey.

So, the next time someone boasts about not finishing a game, give them a nod of respect; they're not quitters; they're pioneers of a new way of playing.

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