September 16, 2023

Wrestling's 10 All-Time Best Bookers

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Wrestling's 10 All-Time Best Bookers

By Nick | September 16, 2023

A booker in professional wrestling is akin to the conductor of an orchestra, deftly guiding wrestlers, storylines, and events to create a harmonious and exciting match.

Tasked with planning the scenario, developing characters, shaping narratives, and ensuring that the product resonates with fans, a booker's role is both creative and strategic. The best bookers in the industry blend instinct and innovation, understanding the heartbeat of the audience and the dynamics of the industry. Learn more about the role of a booker here.

Dive deep into the world of pro wrestling with our top picks of the industry's most influential bookers who turned mere matches into unforgettable spectacles.

So now that you know what a booker does, here are the 10 all-time best and whose vision and prowess have left an indelible mark on wrestling history.

1. Vince McMahon

Organization: WWE Notable Achievements:

  • Pioneered the global expansion of wrestling with WWE
  • Created WrestleMania, the grandest stage in professional wrestling
  • Launched the game-changing Attitude Era

2. Paul Heyman

Organization: ECW Notable Achievements:

  • Revolutionized hardcore wrestling with ECW
  • Known for realistic and gritty storytelling

3. Dusty Rhodes

Organization: NWA, WCW Notable Achievements:

  • Invented iconic match types like WarGames
  • A master of emotional and compelling storylines

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4. Antonio Inoki

Organization: NJPW Notable Achievements:

  • Merged martial arts with pro wrestling in NJPW
  • Created a lasting legacy in Japanese wrestling

5. Gedo

Organization: NJPW Notable Achievements:

  • Built NJPW into a global brand
  • Excelled in long-term storytelling

6. Eric Bischoff

Organization: WCW Notable Achievements:

  • Led WCW to compete head-to-head with WWE
  • Introduced the nWo, a groundbreaking storyline

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7. Jim Cornette

Organization: Various, including Smoky Mountain Wrestling Notable Achievements:

  • Known for traditional and logical booking
  • Helped cultivate talent across multiple territories

8. Paul Levesque (Triple H)

Organization: WWE NXT Notable Achievements:

  • Built NXT into a prominent brand
  • Focused on talent development and wrestling-oriented content

9. Riki Choshu

Organization: NJPW, WCW Notable Achievements:

  • Influenced Japanese wrestling with strong style
  • Created dynamic and exciting rivalries

10. Jerry Jarrett

Organization: CWA, USWA Notable Achievements:

The Art of Booking

Wrestling's 10 all-time best bookers are creative visionaries and strategic masterminds who have shaped the landscape of professional wrestling. From Vince McMahon's unparalleled influence to the groundbreaking work of individuals like Paul Heyman and Dusty Rhodes, these bookers have defined and redefined what wrestling can be.

For further insights into wrestling's rich history, check out our complete guide to wrestling legends. Their contributions continue to echo through the industry, inspiring new ideas and ensuring that professional wrestling remains a vibrant and thrilling form of entertainment for fans worldwide.

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