August 13, 2023

Indie Game Spotlight: Xaladia Rise of the Space Pirates X2

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Indie Game Spotlight: Xaladia Rise of the Space Pirates X2

By Joel | August 13, 2023

Get ready for a galactic adventure with the newest indie game Xaladia: Rise of the Space Pirates by ACQUIRE CORP. Blending the classic mechanics of Missile Command and Space Invaders, Xaladia offers an action-packed shooting experience that's bound to get your pulse racing.

Battle the Galaxy's Most Aggressive Space Pirates in Xaladia – A Tribute to Missile Command & Space Invaders!

Join the Elite Forces

In Xaladia, players step into the shoes of an elite special forces soldier of the planetary exploration team. Traveling across numerous planets for survey missions and colonization, you suddenly encounter a relentless enemy determined to obstruct your mission. This thrilling scenario is the core of the Xaladia storyline.

Face the Space Pirates

The enemy that lurks in the shadows turns out to be a massive force of highly aggressive alien space pirates, covering the entire universe. Xaladia challenges you to confront these space pirates, utilizing your skills in a fast-paced shooting gameplay.

Fans of classic arcade games like Missile Command and Space Invaders will find Xaladia's mechanics familiar yet invigorating. ACQUIRE CORP takes the best of these games and elevates them to a new level, creating an immersive and thrilling experience.

Experience the Demo

The Xaladia: Rise of the Space Pirates demo is now available for those who wish to sample the cosmic adventure. It provides a glimpse into the engaging story and addictive gameplay that await you in the full version.

X Amount of Fun

Battle the Galaxy's Most Aggressive Space Pirates in Xaladia – A Tribute to Missile Command & Space Invaders!

Indie developer ACQUIRE CORP has crafted a unique space adventure in Xaladia: Rise of the Space Pirates. With roots in beloved classics, this indie shooting game offers fast action gameplay that keeps players engaged from start to finish. Dive into the world of Xaladia today and battle the nefarious space pirates that threaten the galaxy!

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