May 27, 2021

Your Enemies Are Serving Up Destruction and You're the Main Course - Tank Brawl 2: Armor Fury Review

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TL;DR: Tank Brawl 2: Armor Fury is a fun blow 'em up game that can offer hours of fun, but don't expect anything to deep.

You have to give Tank Brawl 2: Armor Fury from indie developer, Phung Games one thing: it sure does look pretty. Although the game just recently came out, it initially reminded me of the frenzy vehicle shooters from the 16-bit era. The first thing players will notice when booting up the game is the relentless pace of the action with numerous enemies shooting at you from all directions; including missiles raining down at you from the sky. Sometimes, all you can do is hold down the fire button and pray to the tank lords above that you can inflict more damage to your opponents long enough to survive the round.

Your primary assortment of vehicles, ranging from tanks, giants mechs, boats, and others is surprisingly nimble and houses some impressive firepower. Although not exceptionally creative in their design, most of the weapons look pretty cool (like the hammer and death ray) and manages to show off some spectacular-looking explosions and damage effects.

Sometimes, all you can do is hold down the fire button and pray to the tank lords above that you can inflict more damage to your opponents long enough to survive the round.

one rule: stay alive

As you fight your way from level to level, you'll fight against a host of other vehicles and enemy structures in local co-op and multiplayer modes. As I've said earlier, the majority of structures and buildings can be destroyed leaving impressive wreckage everywhere you go. While there are a variety of levels to battle on, they are typically on a small scale which I believe was intentional to make each battle feel up close and personal.

While the graphics are hot and heavy, it's the gameplay that makes the game and unfortunately, several issues come up that prevent Tank Brawl 2 from achieving tank wars superiority. For one, the game is built around the concept of playing with other people. But the challenges of starting up a multiplayer or local co-op game becomes difficult when there are no other players to fight or join up with. Second, as I mentioned earlier, the levels are on the small side making the battles more impulsive than strategic since you only have to move while continuously pressing down on the fire button. I would have preferred larger levels where you can take up shelter, rest, and plan out the rest of your attacks.

Tank You

All in all Tank Brawl 2: Armored Fury is a game that jumps on the popular 'brawl fest' bandwagon with surprisingly good results. The action is fast, the graphics are marvelous, and the gameplay can get addicting once you get the right amount of people to join. As long as you aren't expecting more than what the game has to offer, you should get several hours of enjoyment out of it.

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