June 30, 2022

Pixel Art / Screenshot Interpretation: 'Wish'

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Title: 'Wish'
Artist: Aem
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AemAsca

They say if you wish hard enough, good things will happen. This image, in its purest form, is strictly a matter of fact. No special effects, no celestial choirs, no angelic appearances, only the form of a young girl appears to us, clutching a stuffed animal close to her heart, making a wish upon a shooting star.

The premise of this image, I suppose, reaches out gently and challenges us with a few fundamental questions: What is the single most significant moment in our own lives we treasure most? And what is the most sacred of wishes we wish for?

I will never know what the little girl is thinking, what her wishes are, or even, her hopes for the future. I only know that she is outside of her home, and on the greenest of slopes, gazing in wonderment as the stars materialize from the darkness to greet her.

She will remember this moment for eternity.

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