November 24, 2022

Does Silent Hill Really Need a Remake? I think Not

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Does Silent Hill Really Need a Remake? I think Not

By Nick | November 24, 2022
Does Silent Hill Really Need a Remake? I think Not

1. Silent Hill is a classic horror game that doesn't need to be remade

The original Silent Hill game remains a horror icon in the same way Lucas Arts's Star Wars and Capcom's Resident Evil elevate the Sci-Fi and action/horror genre and with good reason. Its unsettling atmosphere, immersive story, unique characters, and horrifying monsters continue to captivate players to this day. So why do some insist on remaking it? Does it really need updated graphics or improved game mechanics to make it relevant in 2022? In my humble opinion, no.

The grainy graphics and clunky controls only add to the game's charm and sense of fear. Would sharper graphics and smoother controls make the iconic fog city any less terrifying? I highly doubt it and if anything, it might actually water down the fear factor somewhat. Silent Hill, for all intents and purposes, doesn't need to be rebooted. Let's leave this horror game alone and allow it to continue haunting our dreams as it was meant to be experienced.

Does Silent Hill Really Need a Remake? I think Not

2. The graphics and gameplay would have to be updated, which could ruin the original feel of the game

I'm going to be real here, Silent Hill is a brilliantly designed game, period. It's survived being turned into a terrible movie, multiple sequels, and the departure of the original team. While some may argue that a tempered version is necessary to bring it up to modern graphics and gameplay standards, I say leave it well enough alone.

Updating the graphics and gameplay, for example, could meddle with the iconic atmosphere that made us fall in love with Silent Hill in the first place. Besides, some things are better left in the past (looking at you, Pac-Man). So, again, this game does not need an updated look and we should just keep this time-honored title just as it is, flaws and all.

Plus, have you seen those fancy new video game consoles? Do we really want to risk faulty updates, and server and services crashes while trying to navigate through all those fancy 3D monsters? I think not. Keep the original version available for those nostalgic playthroughs, but let's leave Silent Hill as it is: hauntingly perfect.

Does Silent Hill Really Need a Remake? I think Not

3. The storyline is already well crafted and doesn't need to be changed

Fans of the original Silent Hill are undoubtedly skeptical about the recent announcement of a remake. And frankly, I don't blame them. Let's face it, supporters of the original point out the storyline in Silent Hill is perfect as it is. So why change something that already gives us nightmares? Do we really need something new to truly appreciate its twisted brutality?

The town's descent into an alternate dimension filled with monsters and cultists is already frightening enough without adding shiny new visuals. And let's not forget about the iconic soundtrack composed by Akira Yamaoka – do we really want a "modernized" version featuring popular pop songs or EDM beats? Again, I say no thank you.

When it comes to Silent Hill, sometimes less is more. So let's leave well enough alone and appreciate the vintage horror game as it stands: dark, twisted, and unforgettable.

Does Silent Hill Really Need a Remake? I think Not

4. Some things, like good games, are better left alone

It seems like every beloved classic these days is getting a remake or gets an updated release, but I say leave Silent Hill alone. Sure, the graphics may not be as impressive as modern games today with more details and some of the puzzles may seem outdated, but those quirks are part of what makes Silent Hill such a unique and frightening experience.

The Silent Hill games are a product of its time, and tampering with them could potentially ruin the atmosphere that has kept fans enthralled for decades. Plus, who knows what kind of changes a remake would or could bring? There's also the possibility that any new developer, other than Konami, would try and put in a new ending or add unnecessary play mechanics which would just throw the whole feel off.

The whole experience, including the iconic music or terrifying monsters, could end up getting watered down in pursuit of mass appeal. Um, no thanks. I'll stick with the first Silent Hill and cherish its creepy charm forever. Let's leave this horror gem untouched and enjoy it for what it is: a perfect horror game without any shattered memories.

Does Silent Hill Really Need a Remake? I think Not

5. Fans of the original game would rather see new games in the series than a remake

Die-hard fans of the Silent Hill franchise might not be thrilled with a remake of the original game. Why mess with a classic? Sure, updated graphics and gameplay mechanics could potentially draw in new players, but why not focus on developing exciting new storylines and characters instead? Why not improve on the already stellar Silent Hill franchise and start working on the sequel? After all, we haven't had another sequel since Konami released the Silent Hill 2 remake in 2001.

Also, the last thing devoted fans want is for Silent Hill to become another soulless cash grab, just churning out remakes left and right. And if we're really being upfront about this, if anyone wants to experience the original game in all its pixelated glory, it's still readily available for purchase via download on Steam and other digital outlets. Instead of retreading old ground, let's dig up some fresh horrors and take the series in bold new directions. That's exactly what true fans, like myself, want to see.

Agree to disagree

So while many would probably disagree with my assessment here, I feel that any type of remake would not do a good game justice. Silent Hill is a classic for a reason and it doesn't need to be remade. The graphics might be updated, but the heart and soul of the game should stay true to its origins. If you're looking for a truly terrifying gaming experience, don't mess with the Silent Hill version XXXIX, just play the original title in all its past pixelated glory.

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