May 10, 2021

Gone But Not Forgotten - The TOP 6 Memorable PS1 Moments

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Gone But Not Forgotten - The TOP 6 Memorable PS1 Moments

By Joel | May 10, 2021
TL;DR: The original Playstation brought the arcade experiece to the homefront and did it style, grace, and finnesse. Let's take a six of the most memorable gaming events that defined the PS1!

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The PS5 and Xbox Series X might be the talk of the town this generation, but we can't forget the important role the original Playstation (PS1) had on the industry and the critical impact it had on our gaming psyche.

While our itemized list is a small example of the Playstation's gameplay brilliance, collectively, it represents several of the most memorable moments in the history of gaming.

6 - Tekken 2: The Intro

This was an example of an early FMV (Full Motion Video) that worked to convey what the game was about. It was done so well that by the end of the video your pulse would be pounding and you couldn't wait to start playing.

5 - Ridge Racer: Hitting the Chopper

Ok, this one may just be folklore since I have never seen anyone do it nor have I seen videos of anyone hitting the chopper. Still, where there's smoke there's fire, and gamers from around the globe have sworn up and down that they've done it.

4 - Toshinden: Sophia's Slap

Perhaps the most humiliating power move in all of the hand-to-hand combat. After giving her opponents a thorough butt whipping, Sophia puts down her whip and slaps her defeated foe with reckless abandon. It was the ultimate crowd-pleaser and a turn-on for a generation of adolescent teens.

3- Tomb Raider: T-Rex Chase

Nothing leaves an impression quite like being chased by an oversized T-Rex. This is perhaps one of the most defining moments players bring up when they talk about the original Tomb Raider.

2 - Final Fantasy VII: The Death of Aris

Arguably, the most tragic moment ever in a videogame. You've invested so much with this character, even dated and fantasized about her, just to witness her life come to a sudden end. Everyone got misty-eyed over this sequence of events even if they won't admit it.

1 - Resident Evil: Zombie Dog Smashes Through Window

You're walking slowly down a long, empty hallway when…CRASH! Bloodthirsty zombie dogs from hell come smashing through the window at you. The shock was so spontaneous that players would often forget which direction they needed to run to. Without a doubt, this one scene became one of the most memorable moments in videogame history.

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