Go! Go! Berserk Boy! Retro Inspired Platformer Coming to PC and Consoles

Get ready to GO BERSERK with Berserk Boy! Coming to Steam and Home Consoles Very, Very Soon!

Get ready to GO BERSERK! We have just announced Berserk Boy – a vibrant 2D action-platformer inspired by the likes of Mega Man, Sonic, Pulseman, and Gunvolt! It’s got an authentic, lovingly crafted retro aesthetic, and features a high-energy 16-bit soundtrack by Sonic Mania composer, Tee Lopes!


• Slick and stylish platforming action
• Change into different Berserk forms
• Play for big scores and fast times
• Multiple stages with alternate paths and hidden collectibles
• Classic visual look influenced by Sega Genesis/Mega Drive games

If you want to see more of Berserk Boy in action, head to the game's Steam page, where you can watch a play-through of the game’s work-in-progress first stage!