Are You Ready to Rumble?

Rubber Bandits Fights Its Way to a December 2 Release

Flashbulb Games has announced that the physics-based multiplayer party brawler Rubber Bandits will launch on Dec. 2, 2021, for PlayStation┬«5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation┬«4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam for $19.99. With ridiculous scenarios and gameplay, Rubber Bandits lets up to four friends (or strangers!) play together in a variety of game modes with full crossplay between platforms.

When the action starts, it's every bandit for themselves! Rubber Bandits features three main game modes: make your getaway with the most loot (and come back to bust your opponents) in Heist mode, knock everyone out and be the last one standing in Brawl mode, and play solo or co-op against the AI to reach the end in Arcade mode. No matter how you choose to play, Rubber Bandits keeps the mayhem high with over a dozen lovably wild characters with different disguises.

Rubber Bandits delivers multiple ways to unleash non-stop chaos as characters are hurled, torched, launched, and crushed with power-ups and every manner of weapon imaginable, from baguettes and chairs to rockets and swords! Take your chances in online and local multiplayer across 25 levels set in locations like a bank, museum, airport, and more.

Rubber Bandits is available to wishlist on Steam. For more on the game, visit