November 5, 2022

Were Gonna Rock'n'Roll All Night With the Undead

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Were Gonna Rock'n'Roll All Night With the Undead

By Nick | November 5, 2022

Who knew zombies were the life of the party?

Playing Undead Under Night Rain, by indie developer Three Legged People Run Faster, is a truly intriguing experience. You see, the fate of the world rests on the ability to place soldiers in strategic places on the map to protect the lone, but without a doubt, the most important character in the game: the dude strumming away on his guitar.

The desperate and terrifying feelings that envelop me as waves of zombies attack are not something I will soon forget. Will my line hold? Will I be able to defend this musical hero long enough for him to finish his jam session? Or will the undead overtake us, bringing an untimely end to our rock-and-roll paradise?

What do you call a zombie who writes the music? A decomposer

One thing is for certain though, this game is tons of fun and never fails to provide adrenaline-pumping entertainment, even in these early stages. What would make the game better, however, is a bigger UI and smoother animations. But then again, the game just released, and the developers are actively listening and taking in suggestions for future improvements.

In the meantime, go grab your friends from last year's rave party and prepare for an epic battle against the zombie hordes under the darkness of a rainy night! Rock on!


  • A modern tower defense where you choose the exit point of the enemies with your guitarist.
  • 12 unique soldiers: pistol, rifle, katana, flamethrower, sniper...
  • 20 unique zombies with elites, a boss, and some surprises
  • Real-time soldier upgrades with 10 options (damage, fire speed, ammo, priority...)
  • 10 Full 3D environments with modern graphics
  • Full hard rock soundtrack with more than 20 pieces of music

Check out the game on Steam and download the demo if you're up to it.

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